The past three months has been a time of asking questions of both the future of ’The Squeaker’ itself and also that of ‘Langrish and Ramsdean Friends’.

Firstly in answer to the questions I posed in the last edition, which Ian Wesley circulated as a survey, the impression is that you do like ‘The Squeaker’. You can see the answers to the electronic survey on the opposite page. We are taking on board your requests and will incorporate your suggestions in various editions in the future. The most popular suggestion appears to be that that we have articles about people in the village and what they have done or are doing with their lives. Any volunteers? We are also hoping from time to time to get a member of the Book club to write a review on one of the books that they have read recently. We are also thinking very seriously about going on Facebook which would make posting traffic alerts etc very easy. Of course you would not have to subscribe to it if you did not wish to.

Similar questions, again with a survey, were asked of the members of ‘Langrish and Ramsdean Friends’ , which was set up in 1995 by John Hopewell for two purposes.  Firstly to fund raise for St John’s Church; this was changed in 2006 to include fundraising for the whole village. The second purpose was a social one, so that all the people in the village whoever they were, could meet mainly after a meal and a talk but on other occasions too. The results of the survey can be found on page 25. Again the impression was that ‘The Friends’ should continue but with revamping of ideas and personnel.

The last point is the vexing question of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force on 25th May. We have considered them carefully and all those whose telephone numbers or emails appear in the Who’s Who section have been asked for their permission for these to be published. As far as circulation of ‘The Squeaker’ is concerned, we do not circulate to specific people, we just deliver to every address in Langrish and Ramsdean. Sometimes we may not even know who lives there! If you do not wish to continue to receive a ‘Squeaker’, you can do to two things, either throw it away unread or inform the Editor that you no longer wish to receive it.                     

Rosemary Hopewell  – Editor   May 2018









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