Yet another New Year, so I believe it is time to take stock of where we are with ‘The Squeaker’. As most of you know it was started by Evelyn Hickox in 1980. In the first few years it came out irregularly, but for over 35 years it has been published every three months. This edition is 142nd.

Its great advantages are that it has always been delivered to everyone in Langrish and Ramsdean  (and further afield) by a dedicated band, mostly of ladies; and it is free of charge

Throughout its entire history it has effectively had only two editors, Evelyn Hickox and the Hopewell family. Both lots of editors felt that it was very important that it was a Village and not primarily a Church Magazine, although it has always had quite a lot of Church news and pieces in it. After all the Church and its use has always been a subject of quite a lot of discussion amongst us.

Does it need a change, or are you happy for it to carry on more or less as it is, but with improvements and new ‘ingredients’?

If so what would you like? Different minds? Letters to the editor? Book reviews? More contributions from different people around the villages? Any suggestions would be gladly received.

What we all would like would be for ‘The Squeaker’  to be published in colour and not just black and white. You can of course see a coloured version of each edition on the website at http://www.squeaker.org.uk  and the pictures do look much better!  The present state of technology with colour printers  makes it far too expensive to use them and we could not possibly continue with it free of charge. Currently we are grateful to the Vicar for allowing us to use to  the printer at East Meon Vicarage at a nominal charge. One suggestion has been that ‘The Squeaker’  should only be published online, but not all of us have computers and some of us, myself included, like reading an actual booklet!

So please let the Editor and the Squeaker committee know your thoughts. We need your help.  Please respond.

 Rosemary Hopewell  – Editor       February 20178








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