I am going to be provocative and comment on a taboo subject, but one that everyone else seems to be mentioning too.

Christmas seems to have started even earlier this year. Shops were getting into Christmas mode in October; Sales have started to try and boost profits; Christmas lights were up and officially turned on in some parts of London by mid-November; and we haven’t even got to December yet.  I even read today that some of the major stores are promoting extra presents for Christmas Eve! And I haven’t even thought  of what to give to my friends and family yet!

As you will see on page 19, this is not an entirely new phenomenon and problems have echoed down the ages. Concern was expressed as early as Elizabethan times about the goings-on around Christmas. Apart from mutterings nothing was done then. But come Cromwell and his Parliamentary Forces during the Civil War, drastic action was be taken not simply against the parts of Christmas festivities they disliked, but more than that – against the festival of Christmas itself.  Christmas was banned for 13 years. It was not  permitted to eat special food or have a good time. People had to work normally and open their shops. It could not even be celebrated in Church. The people did not like this but with the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, Christmas returned.

I am not advocating such drastic action, I am just reflecting! So have a good Christmas, don’t eat too much and have a happy and prosperous New Yew

 Rosemary Hopewell  – Editor       November 2017







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