Once again we are all trying to get back to normal life, but Covid is still with us and as is becoming clear will be with us for many more years. All Covid regulations in England have now been removed, sadly for political rather than scientific reasons. Mercifully most people in our area continue to behave sensibly by social distancing and mask wearing so hopefully we won’t see the NHS overwhelmed again. And of course it must be time to start the promised Public Enquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic!

We are now recovering from the biggest storm to hit Southern England since The Great Storm of 1987. After the initial shock of trees blowing down and ridge tiles flying off the roof, the main problem in Langrish and Ramsdean was loss of power for 12 hours. However we were fortunate that we weren’t off for much longer; many villages in our area such as East Meon were off for 48 hours. Many thanks as usual to the Luff family for clearing our roads and SESB for keeping us informed: they even provided a free burger van in East Meon serving free hot food.

I have been asked if we can return to producing printed copies of The Squeaker. Unfortunately we no longer have access to free printing at the East Meon vicarage so a full print run is probably too expensive for us to consider. Please could you email me soonest if you have any feelings on this as The Friends next committee meeting is on 1 March.

Ian Wesley February 2022