If there was anything more likely to enrage my husband – and he was not easily roused – was to see a plethora of huge road signs (particularly reflecting chevrons) being put up along the road side. He considered them to be unnecessary and to deface the countryside. More have been put up recently along the A272 adding to the old ones which have not been taken down. Improvement?

Which leads me to the Squeaker. We apologise for the size of the print in the last edition which as you all know, was our first attempt at the new format. We have made it larger in this one – but at the expense of space, so there are not as many articles as previously. Let us know what you think. We will revert to our normal yellow cover; this again was a glitch with printing the new format.

This year, we will be continuing to have articles on subjects that were asked for in the survey – what people are up to, their lives, book reviews, exciting holidays, nature notes etc. This year the theme will be old Langrish history. We are depending on you to send us articles!

Have a good year.

Rosemary Hopewell – Editor February 2019

Our thanks to the following contributors:-

Articles and Suggestions

Ian and Julie Blackwell, Valentina Dufau-Joel (nee Hopewell), Debbie Luff, Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby, Sue & Steve Ricketts, Betty and Ian Wesley. Unsigned articles by the Editor


Ian Blackwell, the Ricketts family, Ian Wesley, the Editor and the Internet.

Articles and letters to the Editor etc all very welcome.








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