Another factual/business editorial rather than philosophising!

This will be the last edition of the Squeaker published in this format.  We are in the process of ’modernising’ the layout and printing.  So this one will be in the ’old’ style but you may see immediate changes to the on-line version.  Unfortunately the changes that are in the pipeline still will not enable us to publish the paper edition in colour – it’s far too expensive.

In the survey, you asked to see more articles about Langrish and Ramsdean, the people who have lived and worked here and other things of interest.  This edition is therefore very much villages orientated – both present and past.  I am very much indebted to Evelyn Hickox’s ‘Some aspects of Langrish Life’ and the ‘Millennium’ edition of the Squeaker, which she edited, for some of the historical facts.  I hope you will find them interesting.

It is, of course the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and we are trying to publish a Memorial book by November, about those who died  in WW1 and whose names appear on the War Memorial in Langrish Church.  If anyone has any information about them or even on those who survived and whose names are on the illuminated panels at the back of the Church, we would be very grateful to have it.  Time is getting very short!

There is a wonderful spirit of co-operation, neighbourliness etc in Langrish and Ramsdean, and this is mentioned in one or two places in the articles but you will also see that we need even more volunteers to keep things running, so please think about it.

Rosemary Hopewell  – Editor   September 2018

Our thanks to the following contributors:-

Articles and Suggestions

Jane Ball, Julie Blackwell, Jeremy Mitchell, Robina Talbot-Ponsonby, Betty and Ian Wesley.  Unsigned articles by the Editor


Melvin Elliott (frontispiece), Julie Blackwell, Ian Wesley, the Editor, the Internet

Articles, letters to  the Editor etc all very welcome








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