What a relief; we really do seem to be putting the Covid crisis behind us thanks to our wonderful scientists who created the vaccines in record time and the NHS and its army of volunteers who ran the vaccination programme. Sadly it’s nothing to do with our increasingly disreputable government.

We now look forward to celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee and I hope you will be attending the festivities in Langrish and our surrounding villages. I thought that I would be able to reproduce an article from an old Squeaker on previous jubilees but sadly nothing was written in spite of us having a tree on Langrish Green celebrating the Queen’s golden jubilee. Very strange, but many thanks to David for an alternative “royal” article! The Queen has certainly been a remarkable lady with an outstanding record of public service. It’s difficult to understand what the monarchy will be like when she has gone but it will surely have to be very different to survive in the modern world.

Finally I am delighted to see that the number of young families in Langrish and Ramsdean continues to increase. Our parish was very much becoming a retirement home (yes for people like me!) but it’s nice to see the trend going the other way.


Ian Wesley May 2022