We are still in lockdown and although things are easing, it does not appear that things will be ’back to normal’ for many months.

Meanwhile this edition, and probably that of September, will be published online and emailed via the Parish Council email list as well as being published on The Squeaker website. For those of you who are not online, or for whom we do not have an email address (please do send us your email address if you are one of these), we will endeavour to print off a copy and deliver it to you. Thereafter we must decide, guided by you, whether we publish mainly online or go back to printed black and white copies.

You will have received two short Squeaker Supplements online to keep you amused and to fill in time. We plan a further one in about six weeks’ time but need suggestions for things to do and good books to read.

This edition, as the previous one does not contain some regular items which under the present circumstances are irrelevant, but we have tried to give a flavour of what is happening in our villages during this difficult time including on the centre pages, pictures that have been sent in by many people.  Being on-line and in colour, you will be able to appreciate them!

We would be very grateful for any information about things that people have been or are doing so that we can share it with everybody.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rosemary Hopewell – May 2020





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