At last some of the lockdown rules have been eased; we can now within reason visit our families, drink in a pub, or eat out in a restaurant without suffering from frostbite, stay in a hotel and travel within the UK again. Betty and I are hoping that we will be able take our year long delayed holiday in the Orkneys in June.

Things are slowly getting back to normal in the parish. We have resumed our bi-monthly Parish Council meetings at Langrish House and we held our annual Parish Assembly this week. The Friends held its first event last weekend (albeit outside as it was the Village Walk!)

Hopefully, we really can get back to normal before the 150th anniversary of the consecration of Langrish Church and the celebratory events on the weekend of 11/12 September.

In previous editions of The Squeaker I speculated that maybe it was time to call it a day on this form of publication. However, the many contributions that I have received for this edition makes we think that we should carry on as we are for the time being. Many thanks to all the contributors, especially David Mowlam who wrote 2 articles!

As you know we have suspended the production of paper copies during the pandemic and we are considering carrying on in this manner. I would be grateful for you views on this proposal.

Ian Wesley May 2021

1 Response to Editorial

  1. Jan Mallett says:

    An outdoor village tea party complete with flags, bunting and Brit dressing up costumes etc.?
    Am willing to help..Jan

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