Once again an edition of The Squeaker comes out in a Lockdown period; not as severe as the first one but still affecting our daily lives in a big way. Betty and I are never quite sure which day of the week it is without my regular golf matches and our gym visits to delineate the week. I am sure you know that the virus has reached Langrish and Ramsdean; we wish all those affected a speedy recovery.

Although many of us have become expert users of Zoom, the lack of personal contact has been getting to us all. Video conferencing is no substitute for actually meeting people; we are social animals and thrive on personal contact. I am sure Betty and I are not alone in missing The Friends meetings, not just for the talks and meals, but for meeting and talking to people. I can only imagine what it’s like at the moment if you live on your own.

The first article in this edition of the Squeaker is about the future of The Squeaker. Please do contact me if you feel you can help with future publications.

As a final tribute to Rosemary I have re-published her obituary from the British Medical Journal which shows how highly regarded she was in the medical profession. I feel lucky to have known her.

Finally it was great to hear of the birth of two new children in the Luff family. I couldn’t resist re-publishing a lovely article written by their great grandfather, Tom Luff, for the Millennium Squeaker.

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.

 Ian Wesley November 2020

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