I am sure that you all know that Rosemary Hopewell died in Guildford Hospital on Saturday 1st of August after a long struggle with illness. This edition of The Squeaker is dedicated to her memory and celebrates the tremendous service she gave to this village and society in general during her long and eventful life.

We celebrated Rosemary’s life with a service in Langrish church on 26th August attended by family and local friends. Due to Covid restrictions, numbers were extremely limited, masks had to be worn and no singing was allowed. Louisa Denby played the organ before and after the service and we raised a toast to Rosemary in her garden with a glass of fizz.

Rosemary fulfilled numerous roles in Langrish and Ramsdean; Chairman of the Parish Council, Tree Warden, Chairman of The Friends of Langrish and Ramsdean, Church Warden of Langrish Church and of course Editor of The Squeaker, to list but a few.

I have only known Rosemary for the 13 years that we have spent in Langrish but got to know her really well through the Parish Council, my task as Assistant Editor (i.e. publisher) of The Squeaker and the many suppers she had with us after John died. I didn’t always agree with her on what should be done, but her determination to push through the things that she believed in was inspiring. I think you can see from the many of the stories in this edition of The Squeaker that this was a thread that ran through her life.

Most of us know Rosemary through her “good works” in Langrish. However as the following pages reveal that she was also a famous doctor; to achieve what she did as a woman of her time in medicine was almost unprecedented.

Ian Wesley August 2020





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