Firstly I must personally apologise for the very late appearance of the Squeaker this month – at least we are hoping to get it to you within the month of March! As many of you are aware, I am currently undergoing treatment which has knocked me back very hard and I have not felt well enough or able to concentrate up to now in producing Edition 150.  Enough of my woes, I will not speak of them again.

Secondly with COVID-19, things have changed radically. Many of us in Langrish and Ramsdean are over 70 and/or have conditions likely to make us vulnerable to the virus which puts us in isolation. Since the rest of us have to restrict whom they meet and where they go, this edition and at least the next in June will be emailed to the Parish Council email list and published online on the Squeaker website. If it is possible to print off a copy and get it to people who are not on the Internet (without breaking rules), it would be good to do so. As things are changing fast, any new important edicts or changes will be sent out as and when necessary either on the Squeaker website or the village Facebook page. A very good list of people volunteering to do things for others is already up and running.

I hope you enjoyed the Squeaker Supplement last week.

This edition of The Squeaker will be shorter than normal and will not contain some of the usual items such as Village Calendar as they are currently irrelevant.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rosemary Hopewell – March 2020





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