I am going away! Almost as far as I can go and out of easy contact with the world – Antarctica.

Hoorah! I shall miss all the run up and immediate aftermath of the election.  I know that an editor is not supposed to talk about things even remotely political but I do wish for the good (bad?) old days when there was tolerance of other people’ views and one could express an opinion without watching one’s back.  Fortunately in Langrish and around here, this does not apply.  It is very noticeable that if anyone is in trouble and it does not matter who they are, people rally round and help and give support.  Long may we stay like this.

Next year is going to be an exciting year, one way and another, so there is a lot to look forward to.  So have a good New Year and a Happy Christmas too.

Question – Do you like the new format of the Cover or did you prefer the old one – opinion is divided.

Please, please give us some guidance

                                                       Rosemary Hopewell – Editor November 2019







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