There seems to be a lot of it about at present. A dirty word perhaps; something we do not like; even something that is necessary and potentially good. It affects all of us.

I’m not allowed to comment on what is going on in the political world, but it seems fairly dramatic… !!!

Nearer to home a lot seems changing in our lives around here. To name but a few things: there is a new Parish Council with two fresh members who are bound to have different ideas and ways of doing things compared with their predecessors: in the church there are changes in roles of the Parochial Church councillors and the Rev Katy Garner is moving on. The Friends meeting are going to be different. Nearer to home, my bank manager of more than 15 years has left to enhance her career. I could go on but we all have to adapt and take the new opportunities that these changes bring.

This is now the third edition of the Squeaker since we changed its style. Hopefully we are getting better but we are still working on the format– layout and print size.  At least for this edition the cover should be the usual yellow Squeaker colour. We still need suggestions from you all for improvements but the one thing we cannot afford to do, much as we would like to, is to printed in colour as this is far too expensive.

Meanwhile, whatever changes, keep on going!

Rosemary Hopewell – Editor  May 2019

Our thanks to the following contributors:-

Articles and Suggestions

Alex Berkeley, Ian and Julie Blackwell, Louisa Denby, Kate Fairweather, Katy Garner, Sue Ricketts, Betty and Ian Wesley. Unsigned articles are by the Editor


Ian Blackwell, Doris Rattray, Katy Garner, Ian & Betty Wesley, Facebook (Manor Farm), the Editor and the Internet

Articles and letters to the Editor etc all very welcome








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