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The Parish Council has met twice since the publication of the last Squeaker. We held a regular meeting on 4 April and our AGM on 9 May at which Ian Wesley was re-elected Chairman and Debbie Luff Vice Chairman.

Steve Tuff has now resigned from the Parish Council before going on his sabbatical. We thank him for his efforts to improve the state of Ramsdean Green and to get a large number of kissing gates installed in the parish. We are pleased that Ramsdean’s Robert Bewes has agreed to join the Parish Council. As a keen runner, he is the ideal person to take over Steve’s role as footpaths officer.

We also held a well-attended Parish Assembly on 9 May at which councillors highlighted what they had been doing during the year. Our main focus has been to try to improve the look of Ramsdean Green and the installation of additional play equipment at Langrish Meadow.


SDNP/21/05503/FUL Field to The South West of Stroud Bridge Cottage Ramsdean Road Stroud Petersfield Hampshire Permanent siting of two mobile agricultural buildings and associated works including hard standing and landscaping.

We are pleased to say that his application has been withdrawn and the buildings removed.

Ramsdean Green

At our April meeting we decided to continue with the ring of low posts around The Green to stop vehicles parking on the grass. This has met with widespread approval from the majority residents of Ramsdean but opposition from some of the residents in Pond Cottages who believe it restricts their parking options. We have already extended the parking area on the edge of The Green but will now seek to delineate the parking spaces which should increase the number of cars which can be accommodated. We will also seek to have The Green levelled and grass replanted (if it ever rains again!)

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Our footpaths are in reasonable condition but, as we have said many times before, BOATS remain a problem. There are moves at both Hampshire County Council and the SDNP to find a long term solution to the problem which is of course the permanent banning of motor cycles and 4WD vehicles. These efforts will be opposed through the courts by very well-funded lobby groups so it is likely that it will take several years before anything happens.


Recent road closures on the A272 were handled better than earlier in the year. Bordean Hill has been cleared of dangerous trees and new white lines marked on the A272.

We made an urgent request to Hampshire County Council in December to get the road markings on the C28 repainted, particularly on the corner around Home Farm. Traffic races through there at high speed; it’s an accident waiting to happen! We have received an extraordinary response to this request stating that they did come to repaint the lines but decided it was the road was too dangerous for them to complete it without a road closure. We await notice on when this will be done.

A reminder: anyone can report a problem on one of our roads using this website:

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 11th July 2022 at the Cowshed, Barrow Hill Barns. We are very grateful to the Luffs for allowing us to use this venue for our meetings.

Ian Wesley

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