Parish News

The Parish Council held a remote meeting using Zoom on 11th May 2020.


Two pre-app proposals were discussed:

  • Langrish House: change of use of storage building to habitable accommodation. The Parish Council agreed that we would support any subsequent planning application.
  • Manor Farm Dovecote: demolish or partially demolish buildings adjoining the Dovecote at Manor Farm (a Grade 2 Listed Building.) The councillors took note.

Bus set down point on Langrish Hill

Following discussions with the Parish Council and local residents, Hampshire County Council have completed the work on Langrish Hill on a set down point for the bus stop.

Ramsdean Green

The Ramsdean Green survey had been completed and two clear priorities have emerged  (i) Not enough parking spaces on Ramsdean Green (ii) Large support for fencing off part of the Green.  A quote had already been received to carry out this work for £1254 but the Clerk will contact Highways to see if they will fund the work as previously expected.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

The kissing gate project is on hold due to Covid-19 with no stiles being installed so far. The lengthsman will be asked to carry out the ‘priority cutting’ works on Cellar Lane that had been a coronavirus casualty.

Notice Boards

A quote of £1200 from Giles Stanesby to repair the Notice Boards on Langrish and Ramsdean Greens was accepted. The work has now been completed and the notice boards will be replaced shortly.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is Monday 14th September 2020. This will be our delayed AGM and we will be electing a new Chairman and Vice Chairman for the Parish Council.


Rosemary was of course Chairman of the Parish Council and will be sadly missed. She was appointed Tree Warden in 1993 and was parish clerk for four months in 2007 before becoming a councillor in the same year. She was elected vice chairman in 2012 and became chairman on the retirement of Roger Deadman in 2015. She was a tremendous supporter of the parish council and the village.

Ian Wesley




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