Parish News

The Parish Council has meet twice on Zoom to approve the annual accounts and to discuss ways of enhancing the Villages.

Ramsdean Triangle Survey


Langrish Parish Council wants to improve the look and usability of Ramsdean Village Green. In addition to its own funds, the Parish Council will seek funding for the project from HCC, EHDC and SDNP. In order to support any application for funding, we are seeking the views of Ramsdean residents about improvements to the appearance of The Green.

Overleaf is a small survey which has been sent out to all Ramsdean residents. Its purpose is to help the PC to measure the level of support from local residents of the priorities for various works that the PC are proposing.  It is our intention to publish the results (anonymised) so that we can all get a feel for the residents’ priorities.

On a final note, as a separate project, the Parish Council is looking to replace both Langrish and Ramsdean Notice boards and reposition the Ramsdean notice board closer to the centre of the triangle.





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