Parish News

The Parish Council met twice since the publication of the last Squeaker on 27 September and 8 November 2021.


The Parish Council made no objections to the following applications:

SDNP/21/04049/LIS | SDNP/21/04048/HOUS | Underwood Cottage Listed Building consent – Repair of fire damaged thatched grade II listed cottage. Replacement oak frame in part. Replacement windows and doors. New Roof. Minor alterations to the existing plan. Enlarged dormer formed on rear elevation by merging two existing dormers. Removal of existing non-historic partition to kitchen. Removal of structure to support secondary fireplace added in later extension. Addition of first floor WC.

SDNP/21/04736/NMA | Orchard Barn Ramsdean | Replace the new central window for which permission was granted on the rear elevation with a French door to match that on the front elevation.

SDNP/21/04878/FUL Orchard Barn Ramsdean Change of use of part agricultural land to domestic use. Existing dilapidated dairy building to be demolished and existing annexe building to be extended for a covered store area and re-alignment of existing boundary wall

Ramsdean Green

Tidying up Ramsdean Green has been our number #1 objective for 2021 and we believe we are making good progress. As a reminder, the photo shows how Ramsdean Green looked in December 2019.

The installation of “no parking” signs was only partially successful so we have gone ahead with the installation of a ring of low posts around The Green to stop vehicles parking on the grass. This has met with widespread approval from the majority residents of Ramsdean but opposition from some of the residents in Pond Cottages. We have noted their objections but have decided to conduct a six month trial, with the posts in place, to see how things work out.

Langrish Village playground

We have decided to purchase a set of monkey bars to expand the play equipment in the playground at Reeds Meadow. They should be installed early in the New Year.

We are considering a further expansion of the equipment in 2023 as there is a new generation of young children emerging in Langrish and Ramsdean.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Our footpaths are in reasonable condition, now the lengthsman has cleared the vegetation on the footpaths. We currently have 3 new sites or stile replacements to add to the kissing gate list.

BOATS however remain a problem. All the temporary restrictions have been lifted but some are still impassable due to motorbike damage. Please see the article on the formation of BEAM (Byways Environmental Action Group.)


We have made an urgent request to Hampshire County Council to get the road markings on the C28 repainted, particularly on the corner around Home Farm. Traffic races through there at high speed; it’s an accident waiting to happen!

We discussed the recent bout of road closures and subsequent diversions in our area. We will endeavour to keep everyone informed of upcoming closures but there seems to be no solution to the problem that no one ever takes down the diversion signs when a road reopens.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 7th February 2021 at the Cowshed, Barrow Hill Barns. We are grateful to Nigel and Robina for hosting Parish Council meetings for many years; changes at Langrish House mean that we have had to seek a new venue for our meetings.

Ian Wesley

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