Parish News

The Parish Council met on 16th August 2021.


Orchard Barn, Ramsdean: Garage building following demolition if dairy building

The PC raised no objection to this application.

Building work on Ramsdean Hill

Many residents of Ramsdean have registered their concern with the parish council about the erection of buildings on Ramsdean Hill without planning permission. Members of the public who contacted East Hants District Council have been told that planning permission is not required for these buildings as they are temporary and will be moved every 6 weeks! If you go and look at the site this seems most unlikely and just a ploy to get round applying for planning permission which would almost certainly be refused due to the nature of the site. The Parish Council has written to the Compliance Officer at East Hants District Council requesting the immediate issue of a STOP notice before any further building work takes place.

Ramsdean Green

Tidying up Ramsdean Green remains our number #1 objective for 2021. The installation of “no parking” signs has been partially successful but we have decided to press ahead with the installation of a ring of low posts around The Green to stop vehicles parking on the grass.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Our footpaths are in reasonable condition, albeit somewhat overgrown in places due to this year’s exceptional growth of foliage. A new Lengthsman has been appointed and if you see anything that needs attention please contact Steve Tuffs.

BOATS however remain a problem. All the temporary restrictions have been lifted but some are still virtually impassable due to motorbike damage.

Our local District, County Councillor and South Downs National Park Authority member Rob Mocatta is sponsoring an initiative to persuade the SDNP to issue permanent Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to stop motorised vehicles using BOATs. Rob comments:

“The next step is a discussion between the Chairman of SDNP and the leader of HCC about how to use the statutory power of the SDNP. I’m trying to make sure that all the correct legal steps are followed, so that there is no question of any judicial review when action is finally taken.

I accept the criticism that the pace of change is very slow, but I want support from the members of the SDNP for this action, and the support of the Chairman is a necessary condition. There is no benefit putting forward a motion, and then losing in a vote.

The officers of SDNP do not want the SDNP to take on any responsibility for BOATs or any other transport issue. They see this an unwelcome step towards behaving as if it were the transport authority. This would be very costly across all three counties of the SDNP. I think that they are wrong to have this fear, but I do accept that they think it is a concern.

This means that the members may need to force action onto the officers.

You are aware that all four of the members who are directly affected by this issue support action by the SDNP. Our job is to convince fellow members, particularly those who have no real understanding of the issue.

Finally, we have to be aware that BOATs are explicitly open to all traffic, not just a subset, and getting them reclassified is not a realistic option. This will mean that any restriction is temporary, and it may be more effective if the local government authorities can work with the different user groups rather than simply be in conflict with them.”

Memorial tree for Roger Deadman

The council approved the expenditure on the planting of a copper beech tree (Roger’s favourite) on the playing field at Reeds Meadow as a memorial to our past chairman Roger Deadman. The Friends of Langrish and Ramsdean have offered to pay for a memorial plaque. The tree will be planted in late autumn.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 27th September 2021 at Langrish House.

Ian Wesley

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