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The Parish Council has met twice since the publication of the last Squeaker on 27 September and 8 November 2021.


SDNP/21/06178/FUL | Lower House Farm, Ramsdean Road | Replacement dwelling and agricultural barn following demolition of existing dwelling, associated outbuildings, and two agricultural barns. Change of use of part of farmyard to domestic curtilage.

The Parish Council made no objection.

SDNP/21/05503/FUL Field to The South West of Stroud Bridge Cottage Ramsdean Road Stroud Petersfield Hampshire Permanent siting of two mobile agricultural buildings and associated works including hard standing and landscaping.

We did object strongly to this application as follows:

“Until Spring 2021 this field was part of an agricultural business run by the previous owner of the farm. The new owner of the farm sold just this one field to Miss Twine, the applicant, who, as stated in her planning application has since used the field for the sole purpose of keeping horses.

This is therefore no longer part of an agricultural business. The horses cannot graze in the field all year round because the field is too wet; they will have to be kept in the stabling over winter and be fed concentrates. The applicant should therefore be applying for change of use to equestrian rather than agricultural use, which it has been for at least the last one hundred years.

If this application were to be granted, it would change the whole nature of the landscape. It was always in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is now in the South Downs National Park and the stable, already built, has attracted comments of dismay from local people that such a solitary building should blight the landscape. There is concern that should this planning application be passed, then this will set a precedent for further equestrian applications resulting from the sale of Agricultural Land by the new landowner.

For this application to be considered as part of a farm business, the applicant should be registered with the Rural Payments Agency and have an agricultural holding number. If this is not the case, then there is no economic benefit as stated in the application. This is not a business that will either generate money or employment for the local community other than for the care of two horses. It is our understanding that if EHDC believe that this is an agricultural business, then the buildings should be built 400m away from domestic housing. In this case it is 290m away from the nearest house.

The Applicant says that the field is in flood zone 1. It is known that agricultural land above the field is designated as zone 3. It is also known that during periods of heavy rain this field is unsuitable for cattle to graze, because of depth of lying water in the field. It will therefore be impossible for horses to remain on the land without causing damage to the soil infrastructure.

Finally agricultural field shelters do not have doors and are fully mobile so that they can move with the movement of farm animals; this not the case for the buildings in this application.”

We are pleased that the council’s Landscape Architect agreed with us in his submission on the application and thank our EHDC councillor Rob Mocatta for asking the planning committee to pay a site visit before making a decision.  We await their decision with interest!

Ramsdean Green

We have installed a ring of low posts around The Green to stop vehicles parking on the grass. This has met with widespread approval from the majority residents of Ramsdean but opposition from some of the residents in Pond Cottages who believe it restricts their parking options. Our 6 month trial period runs to the end of March and will be reviewed at our next Parish Council meeting.

Roger Deadman memorial

Langrish Village playground

Thanks to a generous grant from Rob Mocatta, our EHDC and county councillor, we have installed a set of monkey bars to expand the play equipment in the playground at Reeds Meadow.

They are a little taller than we intended but we are going to see how they are used before taking any action to lower them. Please let us know what you or your children/grandchildren think of them!

We are considering a further expansion of the equipment in 2023 as there is a new generation of young children emerging in Langrish and Ramsdean.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Our footpaths are in reasonable condition although somewhat muddy after recent rain. BOATS however remain a problem. Temporary restrictions are now in place on many of our BOATS although this doesn’t seem to bother the motor cyclists who just ignore them. Really they are best avoided by walkers at the moment which makes a joke of their designation as “open to all traffic”. Please see the article from BEAM (Byways Environmental Action Group) on a chance to do something about it.


We have made an urgent request to Hampshire County Council in December to get the road markings on the C28 repainted, particularly on the corner around Home Farm. Traffic races through there at high speed; it’s an accident waiting to happen! Nothing has yet happened.
A reminder: anyone can report a problem on one of our roads using this website:

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 4th April 2022 at the Cowshed, Barrow Hill Barns. We are very grateful to the Luffs for allowing us to use this venue for our meetings.

Ian Wesley

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