Parish News

The old Parish Council (PC) met for routine business on 11th March.   On 22nd May, the newly ‘elected’ PC met for the first time and welcomed two new councillors:

  • Ian Blackwell, who had previously served on the PC for a short time, will take on the oversight of roads
  • Steve Tuff will look after the footpaths.

Debbie Luff is now a properly elected member and she will continue to be the primary contact for Ramsdean. Contact details for all the councillors can be found in Who’s Who.

The Council meeting was followed by the Annual Parish Assembly which began with an excellent talk from PC Scott Graham, the Wildlife Crime Officer for East Hampshire – one of only seven in the whole of Hampshire. He described the very varied crimes that he had to deal with and then explained how they could be reported and dealt with more rapidly.

Ramsdean Green

The problem with cars parked on and around Ramsdean Green, although improved, remains and is bad, particularly on holiday weekends. Hampshire Highways Authority- the ‘owners’ of the Green, continue to be updated on the situation but it is a difficult problem to solve.


The state of North Stroud Lane is particularly bad at present because it is being ‘churned’ up by 4 wheel-drives which are causing extensive and unnecessary damage. The PC is looking into ways of obtaining a ban on them using it, at least during the winter months.


Although the Rosemary Foundation has moved from their premises next door to Langrish House, the defibrillator remains in its original position on the wall.  In line with current regulations, the Ambulance Service has overall control of it and on dialling 999, the caller will be informed of its whereabouts. It continues to be checked regularly by Barden’s safety officer.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 8th July at 7.30pm at Langrish House.

All are welcome as all meetings are open to the public.

‘Milk lorry forces road to be closed’

So read the headlines in the Petersfield Post.                                                                        (Unusual for Langrish to be mentioned at all in it!)

On Saturday 18 May for almost 12 hours, those of us who live on the A272 could get out of our drives without risking our lives! The trailer of milk lorry had tipped over at the top of Bordean Hill, spilling milk and some diesel over the road. Because of its position, the accident which occurred at 6.30am, was not finally cleared up until early evening. As to how it happened, is being investigated by the police.











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