Parish News

The Parish Council (PC) met on 11th September &  13th November.

There are two important items of news to report:

Traffic on the East Meon Road                            

A second 2nd permanent SLR for the C28  has now been purchased.  This will rotate between its current position and one near the bad bend near Cromwell House. The other will, as before, be moved regularly from near the Church and Langrish Hill

Purchase of a defibrillator

A request was made to the PC by the Talbot-Ponsonbys on behalf of Langrish House and supported by the Rosemary Foundation, for a defibrillator for the Villages.  It was immediately agreed that we should obtain one.

While the PC was considering how this could be funded, we were approached by Roger Deadman, the previous Chairman of the PC, who was completely unaware of any discussion on the matter, offering to donate ‘for the communities of Langrish and Ramsdean, within which he had lived all his life’, a defibrillator. This was to be donated through PHMT (see overleaf) of which he is chairman. A contribution was also made by Langrish and Ramsdean Friends. He felt, as did everyone else, that the ideal position for it would be on the wall of the Rosemary Foundation HQ building as this would be easy of assess for the potential main users and strategically placed between Langrish and Ramsdean.  We are all extremely grateful to Roger.

The defibrillator will be shortly mounted in the agreed position and we hope it will be ‘officially opened’ with due ceremony and publicity by Roger in the near future.

The next Parish Council meetings is on Monday 8th January at 7.30pm at The Old Vicarage, Langrish. (please note)

All are welcome












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