Parish News

It’s been a busy time for the Parish Council meetings; we have held two meetings since the last edition of the Squeaker: an in-person meeting on 14th September and a remote meeting using Zoom on 9th November 2020.

New parish councillor roles

At our September meeting, Ian Wesley was elected as Chair of the Parish Council and Debbie Luff as Vice Chair. Debbie has also taken responsibility for Planning and Nigel Talbot- Ponsonby is now Tree Warden. Roger Hetherington has joined the Parish Council to replace the much missed Rosemary Hopewell.


Two planning proposals have been considered:

Langrish House

Change of use of a storage building to habitable accommodation. The Parish Council supported this planning application which has been successful for a single unit.

Manor Farm Dovecote

Demolish or partially demolish buildings adjoining the Dovecote at Manor Farm (a Grade 2 Listed Building.) We have supported this application as it will help to reveal the dovecote in all its glory. Unfortunately this application is now on hold until a bat survey is carried out in the Spring.

Please see below photos of the interior of the dovecote supplied by the architect. 

Ramsdean Green

Hampshire Highways have replaced the fence at the back of the parking bays but they were short of wood and couldn’t complete the returns at either end.  The contractors said that their brief had been scant.  It was felt that the fence was too short, disappointing that only one extra parking space had been created, the ground had been left rough and the fence doesn’t do anything to enhance the Meadow.

Debbie Luff and Ian Blackwell subsequently met with Ian Janes of Hampshire Highways to explore his recommendations for improvements to Ramsdean Green including preventing parking on the Green and vehicle damage to the verges in Ramsdean Lane. Ian Janes will provide an estimate for various improvements at a cost to the parish council.  It will then be possible for us to seek quotes from other contractors.  He did not agree to ‘No Parking’ signs unless they were very small.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Kissing gates

With the kissing gate between Lambert and Luff’s land now installed, phase one of the stile improvements now completed.

As you can see from the above photo these gates are substantial to allow wheelchair access. Steve Tuff is looking into a second phase of installation so please contact him if you have any requests.

 Notice Boards

The new Notice Boards on Langrish and Ramsdean Greens are now in place. Work remains to replace the maps which are on the reverse side of each board.

John and Rosemary Hopewell Memorial Tree

In view of Rosemary’s interest in nature, we have decided that the most appropriate memorial to her is a tree; we would also like to commemorate John’s contribution to the village. A suitable position had been identified for the tree on Langrish Green. We have chosen a Morus Nigra Mulberry as it is a traditional village tree and does not grow too large. The tree will be planted in December and at the same time the other trees on Langrish Green will be pruned and the whole site tided up.

The Friends of Langrish have offered to make a donation to cover the cost of the plaque.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 11th  January 2021 at Langrish House, Covid-19 restrictions permitting.

Ian Wesley

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