Parish News

Since the last edition of the Squeaker we held a zoom Parish Council Meeting on Monday 8 March, the Parish Council AGM, and Parish Assembly on 26 May (both in person at Langrish House.)

At the AGM, Ian and Debbie were re-elected as Chair and Vice Chair of the Parish Council and Roger Hetherington is taking on the post of Planning Officer.

Rob Mocatta gave an interesting talk at the Parish Assembly on where the money that Langrish pays in rates (£263,000) actually goes; only £4,500 goes to the Parish Council!


Crim and Millams Cottage, Homelands Farm, Ramsdean: Orangery Extension

The PC supported this application as we think it will actually enhance the look of the existing buildings.

Ramsdean Green

Tidying up Ramsdean Green is our number #1 objective for 2021. We remain in discussion with Hampshire Highways on the state of Ramsdean Green. Their budgets remain tight and Covid restrictions have been a convenient excuse for not funding anything we want to do. We are currently investigating the installation of “no parking” signs and a ring of low posts around The Green to stop traffic driving across the grass.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Five kissing gates have been installed during the last year and Steve Tuff is putting together a second phase of installation. Please contact Steve if you wish to identify any further requirements for new kissing gates.. Footpaths in general are in good shape, well used but a little muddy after the recent rain.

BOATS however remain a problem. All the temporary restrictions have been lifted but some are still virtually impassable due to motorbike damage. Our local District, County Councillor and South Downs National Park Authority member Rob Mocatta is sponsoring an initiative to persuade the SDNP to issue permanent Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to stop motorised vehicles using BOATs. This initiative will need very careful planning as it will be strongly challenged by the motorbike and 4X4 communities; it will take years rather than months to be successful.


The Parish Council has erected a sign outside the factory complex to point to the location of the village defibrillator which is installed on the on the wall of the Barden building, which is at the northern end of the Bardens FM Concorde House complex nearest Langrish House.

To access it, as it is in a watertight box, you will need to dial in 4321√. You will then be able to open the box, which is a little stiff.

Instructions for use are with the defibrillator.

Map Boards

We have installed a copy of the Langrish Parish Council definitive map which shows all our footpaths and bridleways, decorated with photos of some local views, on the reverse side of the notice boards in both Langrish and Ramsdean. They seem to be much appreciated by walkers.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 12th July 2021 at Langrish House.

Ian Wesley

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