Parish News

The Parish Council (PC) met on 9th July. The Council was very pleased to welcome Debbie Luff to represent Ramsdean. She has already begun to highlight some of Ramsdean’s concerns.  She will serve as a co-opted member until next year’s Council election. Otherwise business was routine.

Traffic on the East Meon Road                          

Claire Vennis of Laundry Cottage has managed to negotiate with Stagecoach that the afternoon 67 bus from Petersfield will ‘unofficially’ stop outside her house. This will help matters considerably. Well done!

Road works       

Ramsdean Road from the Seven Stars to Ramsdean Green has recently re-opened after several weeks inconvenient closure and heavy traffic on roads not geared-up to take it.

For the past two weeks, there have been traffic lights on the A272 out side Reeds Meadow.  These are to enable a pipe draining the clear water from the new sewage treatment unit, to be taken across the road.  Only nothing much seems to be happening!

Bus shelters

It is  hoped that the work on the shelter on Langrish Green will be start shortly.

Telephone Box

You may have noticed that the Telephone Box on Langrish Village Green has a pink undercoat on it.  Jenny and Vick Morris are very kindly re-painting it for us.  It will end up the requisite Post-office red!

Bench on Ramsdean Green

Early in July, the bench on Ramsdean Green erected to mark the Queen’ silver Jubilee, disintegrated.  A very suitable replacement has been found and it is now installed on the Green thanks to Debbie and all the Luff family.














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