Parish News

The Parish Council (PC) met on Monday 12th.

This PC finishes its three-year term of office in May 2019.  Two members will be standing down, so there will be vacancies.  If anyone feels that they would like to become a Councillor, please contact any member of the current PC.

The Chairman and Clerk met with the Chairman and Clerk of East Meon PC recently to discuss ways in which we could collaborate over matters of mutual interest such as footpaths and roads.

Traffic on the East Meon Road

One of the outcomes with our meeting with East Meon is that we will write a short piece for the new ‘Meon Matters’ making a plea for more considerate driving along the C28 from outside Langrish House right through to the A272 junction. As previously stated, the powers-that-be will do nothing until there is a fatality!

The afternoon 67 bus from Petersfield is now ‘unofficially’ stopping (with a few hiccups) outside Laundry Cottage

 Reeds Meadow.

The work on the pipe draining the clear water from the new sewage treatment unit it complete. The water is now running into the ditch across the fields towards The Close.  So hopefully no more visits from the ’Lavender’ man to empty the tank!

Bus shelters

The work on the shelter on Langrish Green is complete.

Telephone Box

Jenny and Vick Morris have finished re-painting the telephone box.  All that remains to be done now I s to ’fettle-up’ the inside and put artificial grass matting on the floor   It should look good – let’s hope it lasts!


A new kissing gate is to be put in the gateway to the field behind The Close to enable walkers to get through without having to open (and close!) a difficult gate


On a sunny 21st October afternoon organised by the Friends, several of the Village planted more daffodils along the A272, the Green and on the Manor Farm corner.  The should look good.

The next Parish Council meetings is at 7.30pm on Monday 14th January at Langrish House. All are welcome as all meetings are open to the public












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