Parish News

The Parish Council (PC) met for routine business on 9th September and 11th November.

Ramsdean Green

The parking on and around Ramsdean Green has improved, but will continue to be monitored. Hampshire Highways have agreed to replace the broken rail and provide an extra parking space. It will take time!!


The PC is well aware of the bad state of some of the byways particularly in Ramsdean. The lower part of North Stroud Lane has been improved but Boat 17 between Ramsdean Road and Harroway Lane seems an almost insoluble problem. Discussions continue with the Rights of Ways Officer. The PC is still hoping eventually to obtain a ban on 4-wheeled drives using BOATS, at least in winter.  However there is much bureaucracy!!


These are gradually being replaced, particularly in Ramsdean, as and when they and money becomes available. A fuller account will appear in the next edition.


A reminder  – The defibrillator is still in its original position on the wall of what was the Rosemary Foundation and is now part of Bardons, who are kindly servicing it for us.  The code to open it is as before 4321√. 

If you cannot remember the details, it is now registered with the Ambulance Service who will tell you where it is and the code to open it, when you dial 999 for help.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 28th January at 7.30pm at Langrish House. All are welcome as all meetings are open to the public.

 Please noteOur Clerk, Helen Marsh now has a different email address for contacting her about PC matters.  It is;









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