Parish News

The Parish Council (PC) met on 21st January. The budget for the forthcoming year was set and other routine matters dealt with.

As mentioned previously, the four year term of this PC ends in May 2019.Two members will be standing down – Gary Hodgson and Alison Meggeson – both after lengthy spells of office, as both members and Vice-Chairmen. We thank them for all their hard work and contributions to improving Village life. All the remaining members have to re-apply and there will also be two vacancies. Application forms to become a Councillor are obtainable from the Clerk, Helen Marsh and have to be submitted by the end of March.

Ramsdean Green

There has been a problem recently with the number of cars parked on and around Ramsdean Green (parking places for residents being inadequate) and cars driving over it. Hampshire Highways Authority- the ‘owners’ of the Green, have been consulted and have visited. Letters have been sent to residents and the situation seems to have improved but it will be monitored

Bus shelters / Kissing gates

The work on the second bus shelter, opposite Langrish House has just been finished and it looks splendid(thank you Giles.) The kissing gate behind the Close is also up and working.



More daffodils have been planted recently by ‘The Friends’ to fill in gaps on the Green.


There has been a spate of unpleasant events in the past few weeks. You may have read in ‘The Petersfield Post’ of three cats being ‘dumped in the field opposite Reads Meadow. Thanks to the Grinter family they were rescued and given to the RSPCA. Two of the local famers have had quad bikes stolen on successive nights during the past week. Please lock your sheds etc as well as possible and report any incidents to the Police (see Page 28.)For those that have CCTV, it would be good if you too could report anything suspicious

The next Parish Council meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 11th March at Langrish House. All are welcome as all meetings are open to the public.

A Note for your diary – The Annual Parish Assembly will take place at 7.30pm at Langrish House on Monday 20th May.











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