Church News

The good news first! Our concert in the church in April, given by the incomparable FG Pocket Orchestra, raised over £800. This was shared in equal part between the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and church funds – each getting over £415. We successfully tried out the new staging for the first time and we hired a portaloo but it has been reported only one person used it!

Since Revd. Jane left last August we have been very lucky to have had Revd. Philippa Good appointed as an Associate Vicar and she has been taking services in all four churches in the Upper Meon Benefice (Langrish, East & West Meon and Warnford).  Phili is in her fourth year as a curate. She will have to move on to a permanent position at the end of June and there is no way apparently that she can remain with us. We shall miss her but we will be ever grateful to her for the way she has coped with the daunting task of looking after four parishes whilst only just having finished her curacy. We wish her every good fortune in whichever parish she is successful in finding and we reckon they will be very lucky to have her as their vicar. 

Obviously Phili wasn’t able to get round to every church every Sunday so we have had two services a month in Langrish and this pattern is set to continue, at least until a new vicar is appointed. The really good news however is that Terry Louden has agreed that, during the vacancy, he will come and take a 10.30am communion service on the fourth Sunday of every month starting on 24 July.  Currently all our services are at 9.00am and we hope that a 10.30am start once a month will make ‘coming to church’ a lot more attractive for many of you!  The East Meon & Langrish Choir will be on hand to add lustre to these services.

You will have heard, I hope, that there is a Jubilee exhibition being mounted in the church over the Jubilee bank holiday and the important thing to note is that the PCC are offering a glass of fizz and some canapes between 6.00pm and 7.00pm on Saturday 4 June to anyone who would like to turn up and view the exhibition between these times. 

There is a special Jubilee service on Sunday 5 June at 10.30am and this, again, will be taken by Terry Louden after which is the Friends’ Jubilee Lunch on the church field.

The only disappointment is that we had hoped to hold another Vox Cantab concert in September but, for various reasons, this will not be going ahead.  We do hope to resurrect this plan in the future, however.

I will hope to report more fully on the plans for reorganising parishes within the diocese and the programme for filling clergy vacancies in the next Squeaker when things should be clearer.  Suffice to say, at this stage, the new Bishop of Portsmouth has made this his priority and there is some real movement in the planning process now after 2 years or more of stagnation.  

David Mowlam

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