The Friends

We are saddened by the death of Rosemary who was chairman of The Friends of Langrish and Ramsdean. This was a role she took on in 2015 upon the death of her husband John Hopewell who had founded the Friends in 1992.

John’s idea was to provide social activities for the community and some financial support for the village church, St John’s. Initially called “The Friends of St. Johns”, the name was changed to “The Friends of Langrish and Ramsdean” when it was realised that the group’s charitable interests should be extended to other worthy causes within the parish.

Under Rosemary’s guidance The Friends has continued to thrive with suppers and talks during the spring, autumn and winter months, and an annual village lunch.

As well as providing popular social events in the village it has raised a significant amount of money that has been used for enhancement of the village and to provide bursaries for young people who live in the village. A significant proportion of the money raised from the annual village lunch is donated to the Parochial Church Council to assist with the cost of maintaining our beautiful church. 

Daffodil Planting 2018

2020 is certainly a year we will all remember. We had planned to hold the usual Friends events in 2020/21 starting with the Village Lunch on Sunday August 30th. Clearly, like the annual village walk, the litter pick and the May meeting the lunch could not take place. The first Thursday evening meal and talk was scheduled for 29th October but unless the situation changes that will not take place either. Realistically we don’t expect to be able to hold any Friends events until 2021.

Sadly, we will never get to hear the talk that Rosemary had planned to give us on her trip to Antarctica

Betty Wesley