Who’s Who

Who’s Who

Parish Council

Mr Ian Wesley (Chairman & IT)                                             231081            ian.c.wesley@gmail.com

Mrs Debbie Luff (Vice Chairman)                                           823550

Mr Ian Blackwell (Roads)                                                        63972

Mr Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby (Tree Warden)                             266941

Mr Steve Tuff (Footpaths)                                                      823205

Mr Roger Hetherington (Planning)                                       263458

Mrs Helen Marsh   (Clerk)                                                       823352                                                                                                                                                         langrishparishcouncil@gmail.com

County & District Councillor

Cllr Rob Mocatta                                                                            robert.mocatta@easthants.gov.uk

Parochial Church Council


Rev.d Jane Ball                                                                                823221                                                                                                                                             revjaneball@gmail.com


Mr Jon Allen (Hon. Treasurer)

Mrs Julie Blackwell

Mrs Charlotte Denby (organist rota)

Cdre David Mowlam (Secretary &Electoral Roll Officer, Open/Close Rota, Mowing Rota)

Mrs Susan Ricketts (Deanery Synod Rep)

Mrs Joy Sang (Deanery Synod Rep, Verger and Sidesman/Reader Rota,)

Mr Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby


Alison Meggeson                Flower Rota and ‘Holy Washing’

Cheryl Walder                     Altar Frontal Care and Changing

Sue Ricketts                         Refreshments

Betty Wesley                       Cleaning Rota

Langrish and Ramsdean Friends

Betty Wesley (Acting Chairman, Events)          231081        betty.wesley@gmail.com

Sylvia Deadman (Treasurer)                   265354                     sdeadman@toucansurf.com

Charlotte Hetherington (Secretary)     263458         charlottehetherington@hotmail.com

Joy Barden                                                   301591

Julie Blackwell                                             263972

David Butcher                                             823053

Jan Mallett                                                   261201

Doris Rattray                                               823419

Langrish Primary School Governors                263883

Mr James Greenwood – Chair of Governors

Ms Julie Gray – Vice Chair

Mr Phil Shaw

Mrs Paula Oppenheimer

Mr Ray Dudman

Mr Mike Capon

Mr Richard Pelling

Mr Hitesh Mistry

Miss Heather Jones

Mrs Sarah Wright – Head Teacher

Mrs Catherine Madden -Clerk to Governing Body

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